Model Rates

                                              I am sensual, daring and seductive.

I enjoy the company of others and I always indulge my attention into my lover. Romance and passion are what I embrace with touch, sight and smell. No judgment, just us and freedom. Time spent with me is much more. It is a patent experience. An undeniable, unforgettable, breath-taking, overwhelming and  blissful experience. Satisfaction is the minimum you can expect.


1.5  Hr   $800


2  Hr       $1150

3 Hr ......$1500 

4 Hr...... $2200

6 Hrs.... $3000

12 Hrs ...$4200

24 Hrs...$5500


Additional day $2,500 

* For duration not listed please inquire



When you arrive please excuse yourself to wash your hands in the restroom and place the donation on the counter next to the sink. If I am seeing you at your location,  I ask that you leave the donation in the bathroom where I can have access to it while freshening up prior to our appointment.