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She is an enticing and confident woman; a unique woman who enjoys her life to the fullest.

Camille Greene is an exclusive model in Florida. She enjoys accompanying those who seek fulfillment and satisfaction through a genuine connection.  She is a stunning woman whose elegance, intellect and sensuality will captivate those who are adventurous enough to clasp onto their need and desire of personal time. You will see Camille Greene has a natural affectionate demeanor with a sexy personality; a unique private model who is genuine, full of life and most importantly you will find her to be refreshing.

With Camille’s private services, she will exponentially exceed your expectations whether they are visual, emotional or intellectual. You can live in fantasy, retain romance or build a long-term connection. Camille’s dark athlete-built body, cute charm and smile has made Camille first choice. As a person Camille is comfortable in both public and private settings. For social events she is the stunning woman on your arm, leading the way with sophistication and grace. During your intimate travel, she is your sweet and fun girl. If you prefer a personal evening with intentions to change your perspective and priorities to a mood more relaxing. then allow her to charm you with her humor, high energy and dazzling smile.

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